Destiny 2: Best Warlock Stats (2022) (2023)

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VonBrett Moos|November 2, 2022

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Stats (2022) (1)

Warlock is one of the three available classesdestiny 2, along with Hunter and Titan. Like the other two classes, Warlocks can fill a variety of roles on a team, so there isn't one way to play them. However, there are certain stats that Warlock is particularly good at. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best stats for Warlock indestiny 2!

(Video) Destiny 2 | This Warlock Build Makes End Game PvE EASY MODE! Best Warlock SOLAR Build in Season 19!

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What is the best Warlock stat in Destiny 2?

While there are several excellent stats on Warlocks, Recovery is the clear winner by far. This boosts your class ability - recovery allows sorcerers to cast their glitches quickly, granting them tons of healing or damage bonuses depending on which glitch they use.

Since Warlock's class ability is so relevant to most builds, and since recovery is great even without this buff, it's a great choice for Warlocks. Recovery also starts your health regeneration after taking damage faster, which is good in any situation.

Even if you want other stats, I can't think of a world where recovery isn't one of the stats you max out on Warlock.

What other stats should sorcerers prioritize?

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Stats (2022) (2)

Warlocks can go with some stats along with recovery. If you're optimizing for double max stats (which you usually should), Discipline, Intellect, or Stamina are good choices. Discipline determines the cooldown of your grenades, and since sorcerers are so good at using them, it's a good choice. Intelligence determines the rate of supercooling, and while intelligence isn't as good as it was a year ago, it's never bad. Certain Warlock builds can rely heavily on intellect, though it sometimes feels pointless.

And finally, the most recent top-tier stat, Resilience. Since Resilience was buffed earlier this year, it's become one of the best stats for Warlocks (and really any class).Destiny 2: Witch Queen. While this may not be a requirement, maximum stamina has a significant impact on your survivability. It also pairs well with Recovery to make you nearly immortal, which is always a good thing.

Then farmt man High Stat Armor ondestiny 2

Once you've decided which stats you want to prioritize, it's time to polish up some armor. Growing high stat armor isn't too difficult if you know where to find it!

Ghost Armorer-Mod

The Ghost Armorer mod is the easiest way to farm armor that matches your stat goals. The only downside here is that the Ghost Armorer mod doesn't technically provide high stat armor. The armor you get is just the standard armor you would have anyway, but with a guaranteed minimum stat count in a chosen category. This mod is best used by combining it with one of the ways to find high stat royal armor.

HELMET. focus

Every season on H.E.L.M. a new seasonal kiosk that often includes a high stat armor farming method. This usually requires you to progress a lot through the season's questline and level up significantly with the vendor. This is usually worth it, as it's usually one of the easiest ways to get high stat armor (although it can be time consuming).

(Video) Destiny 2 | This Warlock Build Makes You A DPS GOD! Best Updated Warlock SOLAR Build in Season 19!

dungeon farming

Dungeons are one of the few activities indestiny 2allowing you to farm them for full loot several times a week, making them perfect for growing armor. You can farm armor in normal-level dungeons, but Master difficulty grants high-stat full armor and also gimmick armor. Artifice Armor is a special form of high stat armor that also offers an additional mod slot (seasonal mods only). This is the best way to farm high stat armor.destiny 2.

Example of an optimized Warlock build

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Stats (2022) (3)

Consider this example to get an idea of ​​what a finished sorcerer status/equipment build looks like.

This build focuses on usingsunscreen(Warlock Exotic Arm) to allow a massive cooldown reduction on the grenade for a temporary period of time after a melee kill. This means that if you kill a Solar melee, you can throw grenades at high velocity for a few seconds.

Since you can do this, you really don't need maximum discipline (although you still don't want it to be too low). You dealt damage through your melee and exotic charge speed, it doesn't matter, you can focus on other stats.

For this build, you want to maximize recovery and stamina for maximum survivability. His Exotic offers more than enough damage without too many stat requirements, so it's ideal to be more tanky.

This is just an example of a basic warlock build, but most builds work this way. You want your max stats to synergize with your chosen exotic if possible. It's even better if you can also interact with your class skill!

Join Terra Alta

Thanks for reading this article on the best stats for warlocks indestiny 2! Be sure to check out our otherdestiny 2Guides and subscribe to the latest gaming guides, articles and news.

Have fun playing!

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