Palm pruning cost calculator - enter information to see actual 2023 costs (2023)

Palm pruning cost calculator - enter information to see actual 2023 costs (1)

How much does it cost to prune palm trees? That's a question many people need to know in order to keep their palm trees healthy and ensure they don't cause any harm.

But like all tree pruning costs, palm trees come with their own set of challenges.

It is recommended to prune the palm trees in spring as the dead leaves will protect the palm tree from extreme cold in winter.1

To find out now, use this palm pruning cost calculator:

Free palm pruning cost calculator

How much does it cost to fell palm trees?

The cost of pruning palm trees depends on several factors, including the height of the tree, the health of the tree, and whether multiple trees need pruning. Pruning costs also generally differ depending on the type of palm tree that needs pruning.

There are 13 species of palm trees native to the United States, namely:

  • California fan palm (Washingtonia faliera)
  • Mexican Palm (Mexican Sabal)
  • Dwarf Palm (Minor Sabal)
  • Cabbage-Palm (Sabal-Palme)
  • Texas Heart of the Palm (Sabal brazoriensis)
  • Everglades-Palme/Paurotis-Palme (Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii)
  • Florida-Silberpalme (Coccothrinax argentata)
  • Needle palm (Rapidophyllum hystrix)
  • Palma Real de Florida (Roystonea Regia)
  • Florida Strohpalme (Thrinax radiata)
  • Privateer Palm / Florida Cherry Palm (Pxeudophoenix sargentii)
  • Palmera (Sabal Etonia)
  • Miami-Palme (Sabal miamiensis)2

The Mexican palm in particular is known for being difficult to prune safely and likely costing more to prune than more common palm varieties.3

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The cost of pruning palm trees also differs between states. For example, the average cost of trimming aPalme in Floridais $625 while the California average is $213.12

Palm pruning in Hawaii

Loulu palms are the only palm trees native to Hawaii and are found on all Hawaiian islands.

The coconut palms, date palms, and bottle palms that grow in Hawaii are alien to the soil and were introduced by early Polynesian settlers.

How much does it cost to fell palm trees?

The average cost of pruning a palm tree in Hawaii ranges from $75 for a small tree to $1,000 for a large tree.

How much does it cost to fell a palm tree?

While the average cost ofPalm Pruning in the United Statesvaries from $65 to $75, there is no guarantee this is the final cost of the clipping service.13

In 2019, the highest estimate for palm tree felling was $945.

The following prices are the mid-low and high estimates calculated in 2023. (Estimates are calculated based on size)

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tree sizeestimated costs
Small palm 10 to 15 feet$60 – $75 (single tree) $230 for up to 5 trees4
Medium palm 15 - 25 feet$100 (single tree) $400 for up to 5 trees4
Large palm 25 - 40 feet$200 (single tree)4
Extra large palm tree 50 feet or more$ 300 - $ 6004

Cost of felling palm trees

To determine the cost of palm pruning, most tree pruning services have a palm pruning cost calculator available on their websites or apps. These calculators add up the cost of extras related to palm pruning.

Some states value palm treeswhich should be removed rather than trimmed with a species rank dollar value x cross section diameter formula.14

Cost calculator for pruning palm trees

The total palm pruning cost can be calculated using the palm pruning cost calculator above.

To estimate how much it will cost to prune a palm tree, look at the average cost of pruning a palm tree in the state in question. And be sure to estimate the altitude as accurately as possible.

How much does it cost to fell palm trees?

In addition to the above factors, there are also the following:

  • Height and width of the palm tree(s)
  • number of trees
  • tree location
  • some kind of palm tree
  • Elimination of fruits and flowers.

What is the average cost of pruning different types of palm trees?

Different types of palm trees have different costs when it comes to palm pruning. Below are estimates for two palm trees commonly found in the United States:

  • phoenix palm– $100 (small tree) – $700 (large tree)15
  • Mexican Palm - $90 (small tree) - $400 (large tree)

In this case, you can also use a palm pruning cost add the standard palm cost to the remaining additional pruning palm cost.5

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Affordable palm pruning

Whilepalm cutServices aren't always cheap, there are ways to make the process more affordable.sixteenBefore pruning is required, usually after winter, pruning costs are reduced if palms are kept in good condition year-round.

Preventing palm trees from reaching excessive heights by pruning them as they grow can help keep costs down.

Pruning more than one palm tree at a time also reduces costs as most pruning service companies offer discounted rates for multiple trees.

cheap palm pruning

For those who need cheap palm pruning services and free tree removal when needed, such as B. Elderly, there are several palm pruning services that offer significant discounts.

Some tree care services pay seniors to remove valuable exotic palms (and other trees) from their property for free.

Several US cities have their own programs designed to help seniors remove dangerous trees, and help is also provided for people living in low-income areas.6

How much does it cost to chop down a palm tree in Arizona?

The first palm tree in Phoenix, Arizona was probably planted in 1879 by a teacher named Clara Evans. That particular palm tree was removed to make way for an apartment complex, but today there is so much more to find in Phoenix.

The average operating costsPalm trees trimmed in phoenixIn 2023, it's about $161 for medium to large palms.17

Felling palm trees in Florida

There are 12 native species of palm trees and 31 species of palm trees that thrive in Florida.

Palm pruning cost calculator - enter information to see actual 2023 costs (2)

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All of these palm species must be considered when calculating the cost of pruning palm trees in this condition.

How much does it cost to fell palm trees?

The average expected cost of palm tree felling in Florida is $625. Costs range from $125 for a small tree to $1,200 for a large tree.

The table below examines the estimated cost of pruning palm trees in Florida based on the height of the tree:

palm heightcost area
10-15 cakes$ 50 - $ 757
15 - 25 cakes$ 100 - $ 3507
25 - 40 cakes200 – 425 US-Dollar7
50 feet and up350 US-Dollar – 945 US-Dollar7

Felling palm trees in California

There are 12 common species of palm trees found throughout the state of California., the most famous of which line the streets of Los Angeles.18

How much does it cost to fell palm trees?

The average cost of palm pruning in California in 2023 is $79. Using a palm pruning cost calculator when estimating the cost of pruning different species of palm trees in California should include adding locations and removing the contain trees. .8

Mexican palm cut

When asking how much it costs to fell palm trees, not only the height and quantity are included in the estimate. You must also consider the dangers of palm pruning.

The more dangerous the cutting process, the higher the cost. When pruning Mexican palm trees, costs are likely to increase due to the sharp points on the leaves that require a great deal of time and care to prune. The cost also depends on the number of sheets that need to be removed.

Using a Palm Pruning Cost Calculator

When it comes to pruning dangerous trees, the additional or higher cost can be factored into a palm pruning cost calculator to get a more accurate total.

When using a palm pruning cost calculator, be sure to carefully consider the location. If the tree is difficult to reach, it can increase pruning costs.

How often to cut palm trees

Palm trees should only be pruned when last year's leaves are dry, dead and turning brown.

Palm pruning cost calculator - enter information to see actual 2023 costs (3)

As new leaves grow each year, the old leaves die off. For this reason, it is not necessary to mow more than a maximum of twice a year.

Pruning the green leaves is not recommended as these leaves protect the tree and without them the tree will become weak and vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Palm trees that are never pruned pose a hazardfor anyone walking under it, as dead leaves can fall to the ground over time and cause injury.19Dry, dead palm fronds are also a fire hazard.9

The best tools for pruning palm trees

When pruning a palm tree, it's important to only use the right tools.

Palm pruning cost calculator - enter information to see actual 2023 costs (4)

Self-cleaning palm trees don't need pruning, but trees that do need pruning benefit from using the right tool at the right time of year.

The best tools for pruning palm trees are:

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  • Cutting knife for pruning flower stems.
  • Chainsaw for large and dangerous blades
  • Pruning saw for full size blades
  • Pole pruner for outdoor use to reach the treetop
  • podadora de mano

free palm removal

Often a palm tree has to be removed because it is dying or is diseased and the chances that the tree will grow back healthy are slim.

Although there is usually a fee to remove the palm tree, there are cases where the trees are removed free of charge.

If the tree needs to be removed for reasons other than disease and death, and the palm is an exotic variety, some tree removal companies will pay for the removal and do it free of charge.10

Palm and pine trees are often sought after by logging companies who may be interested in felling and removing the trees for free in exchange for the wood.

The coveted palms include the following species:

  • Tamaraira20
  • blue mexican heart made of palm tree
  • Mediterranean palm tree
  • Guadalupe-Palme
  • palm colors
  • Date palm from Senegal

Cost calculator for pruning palm trees

When palm pruning and tree removal occur at the same time, using a palm pruning cost calculator is essential.

The value of a potential sale of exotic palms can also be added to the equation.

free tree felling

Besides palm trees, there are several other tree species that can be harvested for wood for free.

Palm pruning cost calculator - enter information to see actual 2023 costs (5)

These trees include:

  • totally black african
  • ash
  • black cherry
  • Bombay Blackwood
  • Cocobolo
  • Kingwood
  • Mahogany
  • Carvalho21
  • Tulpenholz
  • western red cedar

Sometimes landscaping companies will offer to purchase a healthy tree to use in landscaping or other projects. In this case, the company will also remove the tree free of charge.

For trees, including palm trees, growing on city or state lands that pose a hazard to residential structures, the city will remove the trees at no cost.

If trees cannot be removed for free, the typical cost to remove one tree is $871. When it comes to removing larger trees, the cost can increase to $3,900.11

The cost of cuttingremove palm treesIt can sometimes be high when you put all the above factors together in a palm pruning cost calculator.22 But when it comes to "how much does it cost to prune palm trees," there are a number of other factors discussed above that can save money.

Frequently asked questions about how much it costs to fell palm trees


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